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Retail Sales Training: Don’t Fall For This Training Lie

Retail Sales Training: Don’t Fall For This Training Lie A salesman for a retail management consulting and training company calls or emails you and gives you the hard sell. He tells you how your retail stores will increase sales and profits by some large percentage and that you’ll recover your investment in no time at …

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External Conditions in Retail

External Conditions

External Conditions Most retailers generally plan their targets, or budgets, based on the actual sales of the previous year. As the saying goes ‘past performance is a great indicator of future performance’. But every wise retailer will also carefully look at external conditions before committing a target or budget to paper; before using the numbers …

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Conversion Nightmare

Conversion Nightmare

Test your retail management analytical and problem solving skills. Here’s the case store situation: In a busy regional mall, which has been operating for approximately 30 years, and which has undergone several renovations, there is one very unusually positioned store. The store sells women’s lingerie. It is part of a well known, multi-national chain which does very well. …

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Missed Sales in Retail

Missed Sales

Are you calculating your missed opportunities on a regular basis? If you are then, presumably, you are doing something to reduce them. If you aren’t, you are leaving money on the table…maybe lots of it! Check out the example, below, where even if only half of the missed opportunities were eliminated, the saved revenue would be $5,187,000.00 You have to …

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